The whole cycle of IT-related services in our offerings

Research & analysis
Demo & design
no cure – no pay


Website design and front-end

We specialize in Web design and development. We always offer a first demo website of your new website. You only pay if you like it and want it. We are specialists in front-end development and offer you tools to be able to customize and handle your website by yourself (if you want) after launch. We have the cheapest hosting price annually in the EU – thanks to our broad understanning of different hosting providers and tools. We can help you switch your content website from one domain to another domain. We can help you update your website or start from scratch (we are specialists to design websites from scratch just from an idea!).


Platform application and back-end that enables success!

ONOTE will help you to build intuitive and high performing web applications with back-end solutions that will secure transparent and responsive platforms – which is key ingredient in any digital business no matter industry.

With a long established track record in creating premium B2B websites and web applications, we also empower our customers with intuitive tools and systems to manage their own websites. Beyond digital we are experts in corporate design including branding, and design for print and exhibition. We will make your project a success!

graphic design & illustrations

We will help you with the branding of your company!

We love simplifying complex products and help you to describe innovative technology achievements through illustrations. A new website or application may require a new digital identity. In the start we will ask if you are need to upgrade your graphic design as logo, colors and the face of your brand – or we will preserve the original identity and enable you the best available tools to penetrate a new audience target. 

With a long established track record we have succeded to help our clients get a good brand identity that have helped them scale their presence on Google and among their clients. Together the client will win! Our mission is to help our clients set new goals and standards.

digital marketing

Content, social media and paid advertising across different channels to increase visibility

ONOTE is a leading digital agency based in Stockholm. We have helped many clients achieve a better visibility and presence on the Internet and in different search channels. We will help you determine different related keywords and strategies to enable the best and minimal budget for you to enable more leads and direct traffic. We have over 40+ websites that we can help increase organic SEO and write articles that promotes your brand. We also offer direct SEO work for your website.  

We also engage in our clients work and help our clients out to establish frequent flows of social posts for free but part of a monthly package!

product illustrations and 3d visions

We love to illustrate complex projects and products!

It is often difficult for companies to find a partner who understands your complex product or services you are trying to sell. It has been shown that a picture says more than 1000 words. We believe this to 100%. It will be easier to convert stakeholders and visitors into customers if they understand your product or service. What better way to showcase your product or service than through an photo-realistic product image, animation or illustration?

Through our services, you can use the 3D product visualization and animations in you product data sheets, on your website or simply as a basis to show stakeholders or customers what you are actually trying to sell?